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Absalom Johanson Landberg 1847-1928 (52 Ancestors, week 17)

Absalom Landberg > Ida Petronella Landberg > Hulda Vidlund > Lorayne Wendorf

AJ and Christine's wedding photo
Absalom Johanson Landberg, who often went by A.J., was born on November 14, 1847 to Johan Hansson and Petronella Andersdotter in Mo, Göteborg Och Bohus,​ Sweden. He was born “Absalom Johanson” and added “Landberg” later in his life. From family stories, I know he was a sailor while in Sweden and also worked in a store in Norway.

He came to America and Minnesota on 1873 and on November 28, 1874 he married Mary Erickson. I haven’t much information about Mary, but it is probable that she died within a couple years of their marriage as Absalom entered into his second marriage less than 3 years later, marrying Christina Louise Nelson on September 1, 1877 in Hennepin County, Minnesota.

Upon coming to Minnesota, AJ lived the first ten years or so in Minneapolis where he worked as a cooper. At least part of that time he worked Mr. A. M. Anson who operated his business on the corner of 6th Street and 14th Ave, Minneapolis. AJ was living South Washington Ave during this time. I’m sure AJ wouldn’t be able to recognize his old stomping grounds. To help make ends meet, the family took on boarders.

Around 1894, AJ and his family moved to the area of Watertown and Hollywood in Carver County, Minnesota. Absalom set his sights on becoming a farmer, however he didn’t know much about farming. Their daughter remembers Christine instructing AJ on the ins-and-outs of farming, often working in the fields herself. The couple had 12 children, all but 2 lived to adulthood.

By 1926, A.J. and Christine were once again living in Minneapolis, this time at 1942 Hayes Street. The large stucco house at this current address is the same that AJ and family would have lived in and it was in this house, on September 11, 1928, where Absalom died. He was buried in the Watertown Public Cemetery in Watertown, Minnesota.

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