Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Charles Lloyd Walters and Marion Elisabeth Lundeen - My Grandparents (52 Ancestors, #25 & 26)

Chuck and Marion - My Grandparents

Of all the ancestors in my tree whom I have never met, these are the two people who have had a profound influence on my life. My mom’s parents, they died a few months before I was born and I love the stories I've heard about them and their love for each other.
35 years ago today, they died tragically, in an accident that also claimed the life of their infant granddaughter Jessica. Even after all these years, I still run into people who remember them. Some remember their deaths, still saddened by it, but others remember their lives. I remember seeing an elderly gentleman, with tears in his eyes, telling my mom what Marion, his Sunday School teacher, had meant to him. Some may argue that you can’t miss something that you never knew, but it is in moments like those, that I do miss my grandparents. 
25th Anniversary

Their faith and belief in God that they taught and shared with their daughters has continued, and sad as it was, their deaths were a deciding factor for my dad becoming a pastor, sending our family along a path, that although my siblings and I may have groaned and joked about being “pastor’s kids,” I can imagine my life any differently.

Charles Lloyd Walters was born on June 29, 1923 in Clear Lake, Iowa to Cecil Lloyd and Lillian Emma (Ransom) Walters. Chuck moved around a lot in his young life. He father was a preacher and the family was often moving from one place to another. Eventually the family settled on a farm near Annandale, Minnesota. Chuck farmed along his father and then on his own. It was here he raised his own family until the time of his death. 

Marion Elisabeth Lundeen was born on February 20, 1925 to Edward and Agnes (Lindberg) Lundeen, of Albion, Minnesota (near Annandale). She attended college in St. Cloud and then taught at Annandale. My mom says she had a variety of different colored shoes she would wear to school to keep the attention of her first graders. She also considered herself "half-dressed" if she didn't have her earrings on.

Chuck and Marion were married on July 12, 1952 at the Albion Free Church, the same church where many Lundeens and Walters worshiped, were married and buried. The bride “wore an ice blue gown of nylon tulle and lace, an ice-blue veil caught at the temples with blue forget-me-nots. Her bouquet was of pink camellias, pink and white carnations. Her pearl necklace and earrings were a gift from the groom. For ‘something old’, the bride wore her grandmother’s ring of Swedish gold.”

Chuck and Marion died on July 15, 1979 and are buried next to each other in the Albion Free Church.


  1. Very interesting. I remember going to that site where the explosion had happened when I was little. Lillian was my great grandmother,and Lloyanne my grandmother. Your blogs are very informative, thanks!

    1. So that makes us second cousins! Thanks for reading!

  2. Hi, Nellie--we should meet-you sound as sentimental about our family as myself and many of my Lundeen/Isaacson cousins are. I am Becky (Thommen) Nye and your Grandma Marion and my mom, Joyce (Lundeen) Thommen were first cousins. I remember that summer day in 1979 when my mom got the call from my Aunt Margaret Lundeen of Annandale about Marion and Chuck and the baby.

    I'm sitting here going through photo albums reminiscing about this incredible family we are a part of and looking at some of the same pics you have on your blog.

    1. Hi Becky,
      Sorry I didn't reply earlier. I haven't posted in a while and just now saw your comment. Our Lundeen family is pretty great, isn't it :) And it is always great to connect with cousins!