Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Thomas Tindall (d. 1713) (52 Ancestors, #35)

Thomas Tindall > Elizabeth Tindall > Elizabeth Pearson > Mary Elizabeth Hutchinson > William Phares > Robert Phares > Samuel Clevenger Phares > Francis Marion Phares > Amy Louise Phares > Cecil Lloyd Walters > Charles Lloyd Walters

Thomas is believed to have come from England to New Jersey in 1678. He was selected as constable for 1692-3 and in 1695 he was listed among the inhabitants of Nottingham township, New Jersey. According to the tax records for Nottingham in 1703, Thomas owned 460 acres of land, an average size of property for the township. The land that he owned is in present day Trenton, New Jersey.

In 1703, Thomas was among the men who wrote to the governor requesting permission to establish a church in the township of Hopewell. The group had "a pious design to promote the honor of God and the advancement of the Protestant religion and Church of England" and had purchased land in order to build a church "for the more decent worshiping of God." The St. Michael's Church was established in 1703 and is still in existence today.

Thomas died between July and October of 1713 when his will was written and proven. Included in his will is wife Isabel and his 12 children. The will also mentions his 3 farms, including one on the “Assunbinck” (probably the Assunpink Creek), one in Hopewell Township and his “home farm.” The value of his personal estate was valued at £505.2, a sizable estate for the time.

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