Sunday, September 28, 2014

Ephraim Kingsbury (1681-1756) (52 Ancestors, #32)

Ephraim Kingsbury > Rachel Kingsbury > Esther Laurence > George Palmer Ransom > Samuel Ransom > Jameson Harvey Ransom > Charles Francis Ransom > Lillian Emma Ransom > Charles Lloyd Walters

Ephraim Kingsbury was born on April 13, 1681 in Haverhill, Massachusetts to James and Sarah (Button) Kingsbury. By 1699, the family had moved to Plainfield, Connecticut. He married Phebe Main, probably around 1700-1702 as their first child, Ephraim Jr, was born Oct. 15, 1702.

By 1709 Ephraim was voting for town officers. Between 1720 and 1741, he was selected 17 times to serve as Plainfield's representative to the General Assembly (selections were made in May and October). His daughter’s father-in-law, Daniel Lawrence, was also a representative during this same time. Ephraim was also part of a committee that selected a new location for the meeting house.

His will was dated March 5, 1756 and it was brought to the courts on October 8, 1756, so Ephraim died sometime during that time. He leaves his estate to his wife, Phebe. After her death, the estate was to be divided between daughters Phebe Cady and Rachel Lawrence. He had previously given his sons Ephraim and John a "deed of gift" which was to go to their heirs. His grandson, William Cady was to be executor.

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